Smart LV launched

eMS launches the dedicated LV monitoring system ‘ Smart LV’.

Apart from the technology required a major problem for utilities and monitoring equipment manufacturers is the number of installations necessary to achieve successful results in their drive for improved efficiency. This must be achieved without incurring the potential collection of unimportant information causing bottle-necks and increased engineering labour to manage irrelevant data. The numbers required helps to force prices of monitoring equipment down somewhat but there are also communications, robustness and MTBF to be seriously considered.

In attempting to achieve something closer to this end eMS have brought the embedded monitoring system to the fore and tailored it to the precise LV applications required to help reduce costs. This new product ‘ SMART LV,’ remains flexible however and allows any of’s many other functions to be incorporated as required. The Smart LV system carries the 5 year warranty. Specific requirements can also be added to precisely suit user’s wishes.

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