Revenue energy meters are normally fitted at the service entrance to a plant or building. To help with load profiling and energy efficiency it can be very advantageous to use additional sub-metering to identify how the energy is being dispatched to the different buildings or areas from the distribution board. The same scheme is used by DNOs for monitoring the individual circuits in LV and MV substations.

A single can monitor up to 3 three phase circuits or 11 single phase circuits. For more circuits additional transducers are used to report back to for data storage and reporting. This scheme can be extended to monitor over 180 parameters. accumulates imported and exported real power and inductive and capacitive reactive power separately and includes a maximum demand function.

Regular power reports can be sent via email with trend graphs and metered values and the data are available via the RTU ports.

For applications that only require power trending is a cost effective solution. This may be used in LV, MV or HV sites.