is available in a portable format for temporary installations. The analogue and contact connections are via standard 4mm and 2mm sockets. A cable set links these connectors to the measurement points. The cables include fuses in the VT and contact common leads. Three, 3 phase circuits and 16 contact inputs can be monitored with one portable A range of interposing clamp CTs can be supplied to suit a wide range of applications.

Power can be supplied via a standard IEC socket or from the VT signals. The supply may be 230V or 110V ac at 50 or 60Hz.

Two input formats are available –

  • 3 voltages & 9 currents
  • 6 voltages & 6 currents

The battery, GPS and wireless modem options may be included in the portable

VT full scale may be 150V for HV & MV substations or 300V for LV circuits. Other input formats can be accommodated. Please contact eMS for further information.

Size: 406 x 330 x 174 mm       Weight: 5.2 kg