LCTs present challenges for DNOs

The increasing adoption of Solar PV and other low carbon technologies (LCTs) presents challenges for Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).

  • For decades electricity has flowed predictably in one direction from high voltage down to low voltage (LV) consumer but LCTs can create unpredictable reverse power flows
  • LCTs can generate harmonics and cause localised voltage issues.
  • Network capacity limits may be exceeded requiring reinforcement of the LV network

Visibility of the LV network

As a result DNOs now require visibility of the LV network.

  • To be able to accurately estimate capacity available for connecting LCTs
  • To forecast LV network behaviour and manage the uncertainty around future network scenarios
  • To manage power quality issues introduced by LCTs
  • To develop innovative lower cost alternatives to LV network reinforcement offers a comprehensive solution for all LV monitoring applications:

  • reports on real and reactive power per feeder, voltage, current, voltage dips, frequency harmonics and flicker
  • Wireless communications for remote accessibility
  • Installation does not require customer supply interruption
  • Powered from local AC phase voltage

When trending and logging is sufficient offers a more cost effective solution. has been deployed by DNOs in Innovation projects analysing the LV network and developing innovative network management techniques.