The variable nature of renewable generation and use of power electronics in the energy conversion process creates challenges for both the Network Operators and generators.

  • Quality of supply is variable and can be unpredictable
  • Solar power in particular can cause increased levels of flicker
  • Resonant circuits in wind farms can be stimulated by internal or external harmonic currents which may cause the turbines’ harmonic protection schemes to initiate a shutdown
  • DNOs require compliance to Grid Codes and Fault Ride Through requirements to protect other connected customers and overall system power quality

Generation and Network Operators across U.K. and Ireland use to monitor the power quality and Grid Code compliance at their respective sides of the connection. reports high harmonic levels immediately which allows operators on the renewable site to take evasive action thus avoiding unnecessary shut downs. provides essential monitoring at a range of renewable generation sites including wind, biomass and solar. This includes two of the largest Solar Plants in South Africa with a combined capacity of 100MW.