Supervisory systems in power plants can record the plant behaviour under normal conditions but are unable to provide accurate data on the dynamic behaviour of the plant in response to grid disturbances.

As the percentage of grid power generated by renewable sources continues to rise there is a corresponding reduction in transient stability due to the removal of system inertia previously provided by synchronous generation.

This leaves the grid more sensitive to system disturbances and thus real time visibility of the power system and power plant dynamic performance is more important than ever. As a result the installation of permanent dynamic monitoring in generation plants is becoming the norm.

  • is a multi-function monitor capable of capturing everything from high speed transients to longer term system stability events
  • provides full visibility of system disturbances as well as monitoring generator start-up and documenting commissioning and service tests
  • provides essential monitoring at a range of traditional generation sites including the 292 MW Turlough Hill in Ireland and the 17 MW Dolgarrog Hydro station in Wales