is a web enabled multi-functional power monitoring system incorporating wide ranging recording, analysis and reporting functionality for use in the electricity supply industry and industrial plants. This makes ideal for use with Smart Grid where the internet is used to deliver useful information on the state of the network to people and processes. continuously monitors and reports on protection operations, quality of supply, stability and substation asset conditions. Real time monitoring and metering are other integral features. is a very flexible system which covers a wide range of monitoring applications and meets the evolving needs and demands of the power supply industry. It will significantly reduce engineering fault analysis time, assist in network improvements and aid fault location to reduce customer interruptions and minutes lost (CI/CML). Installation costs are greatly reduced due to the very compact enclosure. provides automatic analysis of the data from system events and sends prioritised reports via email. This enables rapid engineering assessments to be made and appropriate prompt actions to be taken. There is now no longer any need for large volumes of data to be retrieved from multiple instruments to a centralised master station before information can be made available to users.

Remote communications are via LAN, PSTN, GPRS & 3G connections. As event reporting is by email any number of sub.nets can process and transmit reports at the same time delivering timely information directly to users’ desktops and smart phones. The source data may be included as attachments in Comtrade or CSV format. Because works in this way a master station application is not required saving time and money.

A web browser is all that is required to see all the reports, the present input and computed values and the system configuration. The DIN rail mounting design enables internal panel fixing of the close to the input connections. This, together with its very compact size, enables big reductions in both panel space requirements and wiring costs. power network monitor delivers visibility of today’s ageing electrical network, and tomorrow’s smart grid, to maximise efficiency and reduce risk. introduces automatic analysis to the substation, monitoring and identifying problems throughout grid installations – reducing costs and saving time and money.

Key features –

  • Multiple functions from one instrument
  • Scalable reporting scheme from 1 to 1000s of monitors
  • No master station
  • Triggered events and continuous recording modes
  • Events analysed, classified & prioritised
  • Formatted email reports on events, on demand and regularly
  • Reports include a summary, graphs, tables and source data
  • Event data available in Comtrade, CSV and XML formats
  • Web interface for accessing reports, present values and configuration
  • Communications via network, modem and wireless
  • Accessible from desktop, tablet and smart phone
  • Measured values available to SCADA via Modbus and DNP3
  • Synchrophasor output data stream

Other advantages –

  • Very low power consumption – energy efficient
  • Fully solid state design – increased reliability
  • Compact DIN rail enclosure – simplifies installation
  • Flexible input type assignment (VTs, CTs, transducers, batteries, etc.)
  • Contact inputs polarity independent
  • Over 180 trend inputs
  • 5 year warranty

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