has 12 direct inputs for measuring voltages, currents and other signals from transducers etc. The mix of inputs is selected to match the application. These are provided by a range of input modules which plug into a main module. The selection can be changed on site if required.

Current inputs come from a range of interposing current transformers. These further extend the range of uses for

The input module order codes and types are –

  • IMVC  (3 voltages & 3 currents) This is for MV & HV power systems connecting to protection or metering VTs & CTs.
  • IMVC–LV  (3 voltages & 3 currents) – This is for LV utility applications and industrial sites.
  • IMCC  (6 currents) – Current inputs may also be used for transducer signals.
  • IMDC  (1 DC voltage) – Used for monitoring substation, UPS batteries and solar arrays.


Extended Analogue inputs

For applications that require waveform recording on more than 12 channels two or more sub.nets can be cross triggered.

For RMS Log (10 Hz) and trend (10 min) recording up to 180 external transducers may be connected to These inputs may be individual signals or configured as external 3 phase circuits.