When ordering sub.nets for your application there is a number of options to tailor the system to your requirements. A brief description is given with the order code –


  • SN Symmetrical DIN rail mounting case.
  • SNP Portable, small suitcase style with optional cable sets.
  • SNW  Wall mounting. DIN terminals with supply, VT and contact input fuses.
  • SNF Free standing. 42U, 600 x 600mm cabinet. DIN terminals and fusing or MCBs.
  • Pole Mounting Enclosure

Power supply

Sub.net draws less than 4W and a battery supply is preferred over ac as it is normally more secure.

  • ACDC 110/230V ac and 110/220V dc. This covers most applications.
  • DC 24/30/50V dc. Lower voltage battery option.
  • ACB As ACDC with a standby 12V battery for over 2 hours operation.


There are RJ45 Ethernet, RS485 and RS232 ports as standard.

  • M An embedded V90 PSTN modem if a remote LAN connection is not available.
  • GPRS Wireless modem with DIN mount, cable, aerial & 12V PSU. GSM, GPRS and 3G options are available.

GPS timing

  • GPSR An embedded GPS receiver for high accuracy timing (required for PMU).
  • GPSW A rugged GPS antenna, 25m coax cable and wall mounting bracket. Other cable lengths are available.
  • GPSS2 2 way splitter for multiple sub.nets. 4 & 8 way splitters are also available.
  • GPSA GPS amplifier for extended cable lengths.