Today’s Distribution Network Operator(DNO) faces increasing challenges

  • High percentage of network assets approaching end of life
  • Stricter network availability targets
  • Increase in severe weather events
  • Increasing amounts of renewable and distributed generation

Addressing these challenges requires intelligence on the state of the distribution network and assets.

  • Safely extending asset lifetimes based on accurate asset condition assessment
  • Reducing outage times through timely and accurate fault location
  • Visibility of network faults and disturbances

sub.net provides DNOs with valuable real-time intelligence and operates as a fault locator and asset condition monitor.

Fault Locator

  • Fault location information is sent directly to the DNO control room enabling a significant reduction in the time fault restoration teams spend locating faults

Asset Condition Monitor

  • sub.net monitors switchgear operations and identifies ‘slow’ or ‘sticky’ circuit breakers so that preventative maintenance can be undertaken and customer interruptions avoided


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