Monitor your incoming mains supply

Identifying the source of poor power quality can be a contentious issue between facility owners and utilities.

  • provides a time stamped record of any power events which can be cross referenced with the timing of plant failures as proof
  • Pre-analysed reports from allow you to discuss specifics and resolve issues faster

Monitor your generating sets

  • When generators are paralleled the sharing of load creates complexity particularly with harmonics and capacitance(active swing loads)
  • Using to monitor field excitation levels validates the controls are functioning correctly or why instability has occurred
  • Monitoring KW, KVA, KVAr, P.F. and harmonics with provides data for optimum operation and better derating assessments 

Monitor your UPS

  • UPS systems wear out faster when they endure poor power quality on a regular basis
  • Premature failure of a UPS can be an unexpected and costly expense

Monitoring the UPS input and output with can reveal exactly what the UPS is protecting you from and whether the UPS is operating correctly.

Monitor your datacentre

  • allows UPS input and output, 3 phase voltages and 3 phase currents to be monitored
  • Provides powerful analysis while delivering efficiency reporting “PUE out of one box”
  • Event driven reports from correlate when things happened and why


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