EirGrid demonstrate continued support for sub.net for transmission network monitoring

Major Irish Power Utility EirGrid have awarded a second successive exclusive framework agreement for supply of Transient fault/Power quality recorders to eMS. Over the next three years the sub.net monitoring units will be installed in transmission stations on EirGrid’s 400kV, 220kV and 110kVnetworks to provide a range of monitoring and analysis functions. In addition to … Continued

eMS release new “Trip Coil Profile” product.

sub.net – TCP is a portable instrument for testing both the circuit breaker mechanism and the substation batteries. It can be used during routine maintenance or on a continuous basis if a problem is suspected. Recording the profile of the trip and close coil current pulses is a recognised way of detecting actual or evolving … Continued

UK ‘s First LV Installation

“Ashton Hayes is an award winning village in rural Cheshire with ambition to become the UKs first carbon neutral village. SP Energy Networks installed Sub.Net power monitoring devices in the secondary substations that feed the village. These devices measure a number of parameters, including power quality and electricity consumption, over 140 times a day, every … Continued