Improved Harmonic Monitoring with

Due to its unique hardware architecture the substation monitor’s waveform sampling rate can be increased with a remote file update. The original sampling rate is 128 samples per cycle (6.4k samples per second) and this can now be increased to 256 SPC (12.8k SPS). One advantage of this is that the voltage and current harmonics can be calculated up to the 100th as required by the ENA Engineering Recommendation G5/5. Another advantage is that the new sampling rate meets other utility monitoring standards.

For the triggered event reports the source waveform files in CSV and Comtrade formats now include the new sampling rate. The harmonic voltage trend reports now include an option to display the harmonic spectrum against the G5/5 limit values. There are additional time series graphs and extended histograms to display the additional harmonic information. In the analogue input real time display the instantaneous harmonic tables now include values up to the 100th.