G99 Recording Device with sub.net

In recent years the Energy Networks Association (ENA) has introduced Engineering Recommendation (EREC) G99 regarding the connection of generation equipment in parallel with public distribution networks. Annex C.6 of EREC G99 describes the requirements for Dynamic System Monitoring, Fault Recording and Power Quality Monitoring for Type C and Type D Power Generating Modules (>10MW). This is a comprehensive and demanding engineering standard which could potentially require multiple devices to satisfy the full range of functionality specified.

The sub.net substation monitor satisfies the requirements of Annex C.6 in a single, compact and competitively priced device. As a result sub.net has already been selected as the G99 monitoring device for a large and growing number of generation connection projects across the UK.

Owners of generation equipment can be confident in trusting sub.net to satisfy the requirements of EREC G99 Annex C.6 since it has been accepted and approved for active projects by every UK Distribution Network Operator (DNO).